Here are some answers to the most common questions prospective customers might have.


Can you install an online store?

Yes. We can set you up with Woocomerce or Shopify, however extra security is required for an online shop.

Do you offer WordPress?

Yes. Our sites are now created with WordPress. If you know how to use it you can take control of your site and run it yourself.

Can I transfer my site/domain to your servers?

Yes! The typical price is currently around $75 to transfer and $95 for a year of hosting.

Where are your servers?

They are currently with Godaddy. They are a reliable and secure company.

What’s the cost of hosting?

The typical price is currently around $95 per year.

What’s the cost of a domain?

The typical price is currently around $25 per year.

How long does it take to get a website up and operational?

Some sites are up and ready in a day. If you have all your information and a clear concept the process is quite speedy. Sometimes technical issues can slow things a bit.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We solve issues within 24 hours and answer questions within hours.