About Simcoe Arts

Simcoe Arts jumped to life in April 2005 to meet a growing need in the visual arts community.

Since then we have created and/or developed a wide variety of sites. See  examples in the Portfolios section.

Robert Pointer, chief web developer, educator, and artist, has been developing Web sites since 1998. These sites have garnered national awards as well as international recognition.  

Hosting is offered for client sites developed by SimcoeArts.com as well as those with existing sites wishing to move to a more affordable host. In-house hosting simplifies the tasks of site management.  Visit SimcoeArts.Net for details.
city at nightComplete Web services are available. See the Services page for details. Whether you want a simple site, advanced competitive business site, blog or image gallery, Simcoe Arts is here to help you reach your goals.

Simcoe Arts offers site design, custom graphics, search engine optimization, and hosting. Just contact us to get started putting your site on the Web!

Whether it is a blog, image gallery, discussion group, or online store, Simcoe Arts can build it for you and guide you through the initial learning curve of implementation and daily operation.  

Getting your site onto the web has never been easier.  Most customers supply the necessary text and images via email and no meetings are needed.  Contact us today!